What do you look for in an application?
  • Creative and original work that has a professional finish

  • A beautifully presented stall

  • For imported items, We take into consideration the following points (each point is assessed at our discretion) :

    • An item of high quality 

    • Have a 'designer' or 'exotic' feel

    • Not underpricing similar NZ made goods

    • Not similar to an item already being sold by a weekly stall

    • Is not impersonating commonly NZ made products

    • A story about how they are made, like Fair Trade etc supported by pictures of the people making them.

  • Professionalism with both the finished product, signage and stall presentation

  • Needs to be different from current weekly stalls at the market

Below is a list of stalls that we commonly get asked for by shoppers, or we have noticed that thrive at other markets in NZ or overseas. We accept products that are made or designed in NZ, or high quality imported goods as per our terms and conditions. Particular stalls we are looking for include:

Dog beds


Women's clothing

Children’s clothing

Merino clothing

Printed t-shirts

Yoga tights/leggings

Vintage kimonos and/or saris


Books (new or 2nd hand)

Beeswax products

Aromatherapy massage

Why is my stall display important? 
  • We have learnt over the years that stall display plays a large part in if a stallholder is successful or not.

  • The display encourages shoppers to stop and look at your stall.

  • The quality of your display, reflects the quality of your product/service.

  • Ideally you will have signage saying your business name and what you sell/do

    • Vistaprint often has good specials for getting professionally done signage

  • Our basic requirements are:

    • A floor length cloth on your table

    • Use height in your stall display (not flat on the table)

    • Use lighting (eco bulbs or LED's only)

    • Individually price your items

Do I have to bring lighting?

YES, lighting is your friend, please don't come without additional lighting. One of the reasons the established weekly stalls look so good, is because they all bring lots of lighting. Lighting both attracts people to stop and look at your stall (fairy lights can be great for this) as well as highlighting your products. Op shops can be great sources for affordable desk and standing lamps. Please remember LED or eco bulbs only, plus power boards and extension cords.

When does the market operate?
  • Wellington Underground Market trades from 10am to 4pm every Saturday and stalls can set up anytime between 7am to 9am. 

  • No packing up or leaving before 4pm sharp, and no cars are allowed back into the venue before 4:20pm (4:45pm when the market is full), or as directed by management on the day.

  • We also trade some Sundays during the year at our busiest periods. Specifically Sept/Oct school Holidays when WOW is in town, and December Sundays before Christmas. 

  • When we trade Sundays, you must attend both days of the weekend, but you can leave your stall set up overnight.

  • Due to the high volume of stalls wishing to attend these two Specialty Markets when we trade Sundays, we have an application process.  We will publish it in our Stallholder Newsletter and Facebook page when applications are open for these markets.

What is your foot count? 

Between 3000 - 13,000. Visitor numbers fluctuate throughout the year.

How often do I have to come?

You can come as often or as little as you like. 

Coming monthly or weekly is the only way to ensure you get the benefits of repeat customers. Many shoppers will look one day, but buy the next time they come.


"You can come casually and make sales but if you want to grow your business you need to build your 'regulars' and always be there for them with something new.  Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing there is and they need to know where to find you and where to send their friends.” Maree, Minnie + Ree


"I've been here for 5 plus years and it works for me. You have to stick at one market to establish presence and so they know where to find you always, treat it like a one day a week shop. Also it's the only market that is under cover, on every week and being a regular is much cheaper than just coming randomly.” Kate - Bobbysoxer


Can I share my stall?

We do accept shared stalls with more than one designer, but all designers must apply individually and be accepted, then nominate one to be responsible for booking and paying invoices etc. Likewise we need to be assured that your products will compliment each other and can be combined into a uniformed stall layout i.e not looking like two small stalls beside each other - needs to be one cohesive stall.


When should I book?
  • The sooner you book the sooner you are guaranteed a stall (we do fill up), but you can not book until your application has been approved. 

  • Applications generally take a couple of weeks (although can take 24 hours if you provide us with everything and you tick all the boxes).

  • The Sat/Sun markets during Sept/Oct school holidays and in December pre Christmas are the most popular markets of the year. As such we open up applications during the year for these at specific times (this is announced via our Facebook pages and newsletter that goes to all registered stallholders). 

I want to sell food, what else do I need to do?

We are after more gourmet and deli type food type food stall, including fruit and vegetable stalls. 

All food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen and evidence of this is required. Depending on what you sell, you make require a food licence from Wellington City Council.

Sustainability requirements: packaging

As of 2018, the Underground Market and Pop up Villages will be adopting a sustainable approach to packaging, to be in line with all other events in Wellington and further afield. This will mean packaging, bags, cutlery etc must be biodegradable by the start of 2018. We recommend you start implementing this policy before then, ensuring you have suppliers and products to meet your needs well in place.

By the end of 2017, the following must be phased out:

  • Plastic bags

  • Plastic cutlery

  • Plastic/polystyrene food containers

We recommend you check out and you can get a VIP discount if you use the code SBN2017. Also if you find a great supplier or product (like an alternative to bubble wrap), please share with us. We will also be encouraging every stallholder to bring their own reusable mug for coffee, as this greatly reduces landfill. We appreciate your help in making our market, and the world, a cleaner place.

Is there Power?

There is power at the Underground Market, but sometimes you will be some distance from the closest power point, so please ensure you bring at least a 10m power cord and power board or double adapter. Note: no flood lights, no halogen lights. Only eco bulbs or LED’s. 


Where will my stall be located?

We allocate stall locations within the market depending on stall needs and market needs. Please expect to be in a different spot each time you come. We are unable to let you know your location, until the Wednesday before the market you attend. 

Stalls at Wellington Underground Market who book in weekly for 3 months, get a permanent location (plus a price reduction). 


When do I pay?

As soon as you book you will be invoiced. Your place is not guaranteed until you have paid.

Will there be a wall behind my stall?

There are limited spots at the markets that have access to a wall and will be designated to stall holders based on their product and frequency of attendance. This is reviewed case by case scenario, however you can put in a request and we can talk to you about your options.


Is there an ATM at the market?

Currently one of our stallholders offers an Eftpos cash out service for market shoppers. 

There is an ATM across the park at the TSB Arena.


Does a table come with the stall?
  • Tables are available for hire at Wellington Underground Market for $15, but must be booked early as we have a limited supply.

Do you trade over Christmas / New Year?
  • The Wellington Underground Market closes from Christmas to 3rd week in January (usually returns on the Wellington Anniversary weekend each year).


Where does the market advertise?​

Approximately 20% of our revenue is put back into advertising, as well as a large amount of staff time for promotional opportunities.

The following list is an indication of the many ways we promote the market. We adjust how we promote the market as we continue to survey shoppers every week and fine tune our efforts.

  • Flyers at Wellington iSite - paid prime position

  • Flyers at cruise ship terminal

  • Wellington What's on guide - 3 x times per year

  • Wellington visitors guide - annual

  • Monthly flyers put around town cafes and shops 

  • Phantom billstickers campaigns around town several times per year

  • Paid Facebook post boosts and FB ads  

  • Banners on Jervois Quay over-bridge and billboard at railway station

  • Handing out flyers around CBD every Saturday

  • Our New Zealand Magazine (Interislander and South Island Railway magazine)
    - quarterly 

  • Capital Magazine ad a couple of times per year

  • Regional newspapers when they have features that match our target audience

  • PR/Promotion  

  • Summer City Guide

  • Our Wellington - quarterly 

  • Featured in the Wellington Cruise Map

As a stallholder we expect you to be advertising and promoting your own business, and not purely rely on our advertising and PR. Just like a shop operating in a shopping mall would never rely solely on the malls advertising - the shop would not last long. It is the same as a stallholder, you need to promote your own business if you truly want it to flourish. We encourage you to have your own website, Facebook page and be actively advertising your business through other means, as your ideal customer will be different to the more general mass market advertising the Market does. We also encourage you to ensure everyone who buys something from you gets your card. 

Where do I park? And will my car fit?
  • Weekly stallholders (who book for 3 months at a time) can sometimes park onsite at Wellington Underground Market when parks are available.

  • General parking is available across the road in Willeston Street, or next to Te Papa at Barnett Street.

  • The entrance height (lowest point of the market ceiling) will fit a vehicle of 2.2m max.

Will my stall or food truck fit?
  • The lowest point of the market ceiling will fit a stall/vehicle of 2.2m max. However, if your stall or vehicle measures slightly over this it would be worth coming to the market to test access, as there are some areas of varying ceiling height that may be more accommodating.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancelled bookings are a pain for everyone, but we understand that life happens! We do not offer refunds, but we do offer credit if certain conditions are met:

  • Cancellations notified more than 14 days prior to the booked market will receive a full credit, less than this notice no credit will be given.

  • Failure to inform us beforehand of your non attendance may result in non acceptance of any future bookings. 

  • Credit must be used within 90 days of issue, bookings essential, non transferable, and only when space available.

  • In the event that the market cannot operate for any reason (e.g. natural disaster), a full credit will be offered for a future event of a similar nature.

​Please note any cancellations after midday Thursday for that weekend MUST be texted to the market phone, so the manager on the day is made aware of it.

Ph 022 2795647 This phone is only checked on market days.



Leather belts and leather products


Tea sets

Silk flowers

Fresh flowers

Gourmet/deli food stalls

Pot plants/succulents/terrariums

Outdoor garden ornaments

Handmade paper and stationery
Barber - hair and beard trims

Woodwork - chopping boards, wooden spoons etc.


Beaded jewellery

Baskets and bags

Cloth nappies and/or cloth sanitary items

Hair braiding and wrapping

Craft supplies/beads/fabric etc.

Imported designer homewares 

Retro/recycled/vintage homewares and clothing

Wool and wool products
Nail art and beauticians

  • Market information to cruise ship/local tourism ambassadors

  • Underground Market What's on email newsletter

  • Underground Market Facebook 

  • Underground Market Website

  • Underground Market Pinterest

  • Underground Market Instagram

  • Underground Market Twitter

  • Google Maps

  • Tripadvisor

  • Meet the maker stallholder features on website, FB post and Newsletter

  • Eventfinda listings

  • Capital Day page regular features 

  • Know Newsletter giveaways and features

  • Articles written for newspapers and magazines

  • A large variety of what's on sites


Stall prices include GST. If you have read these FAQs and the APPLY page and still have any questions please email or

phone 021 389 369 9am - 4pm Monday to Thursday

Under Frank Kitts Park, Jervois Quay, Wellington Waterfront
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