Stallholders, by attending the market you agree to the following:


  • All stalls must be paid for by the Tuesday before the market you are attending.

  • Please let management know if your product range changes from what you were originally approved for. Any new items must be approved before introducing them to your stall - just send us photos of your proposed new products. Approval is at management’s discretion. Management reserves the right to remove products from your stall.

  • Both parties have the right to cancel bookings with two weeks notice. If no notice is given, the booking must still be paid for. If notice is given, we will offer you an alternative time to attend (but this is at our discretion)

  • All stallholders are expected to promote their presence at the Underground Market.

  • Commercial rubbish (ie cartons, packaging etc) is to be taken home and stall space is to be left clean and tidy.

  • Nothing is to be taken from the market storage room without asking market staff. If you do borrow something, please return it.

  • Your attendance at the Underground Market is at the organisers’ discretion.


Additional conditions for weekly stallholders:
  • You are required to attend both Saturdays and Sundays markets during Sept/Oct school holidays and in December pre Christmas, but by being a weekly stallholder you are guaranteed a stall at these sought-after markets which have long waiting lists for non-weekly stalls.

  • You get 1 x Saturday (holiday day) off per 6 months of attendance (2 per year if you attend the whole 12 months). They must be booked in advance before the invoicing period, and must be used by end of the calendar year (can not accumulate).

  • As a weekly stallholder we expect you to be advertising and promoting your business presence at the market. We encourage you to have your own website, Facebook page and/or be actively advertising your business through other means, as your individual clientele will be different from the more general advertising the market appeals to. Also ensure everyone who buys something from you gets your card. Many weekly stallholders have ongoing sales through their website.

  • When space allows, parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Permits must be displayed in your dash.

  • Storage. We have limited storage on site and the following conditions apply:

    • To be able to store items, please contact us and go on the waiting list for when a space becomes available.

    • Items are stored at your own risk. We exercise all care but no responsibility.

    • Only store items which have been paid for. Anything else will be removed.

    • Things must be kept tidy.

    • Items are to be named clearly.

  • Service stalls will be charged during our The Sat/Sun markets during Sept/Oct school holidays and in December pre Christmas

Specific conditions for food stalls:
  • Food licences are to be displayed clearly

  • If sold out, stall must remain in position until 4pm (ideally put a “sold out” sign on your stall)

  • Food items must NEVER be tipped down market drains. Waste water can be tipped onto gardens on the street.

  • Any leftover food, oils or scraps must be taken away and not disposed of in market or waterfront rubbish bins.

  • Hand washing facilities must be kept clean and functional.

    • It is up to all the food stalls to help with this.

    • We have limited hot water available, and this is for emergency dish washing and hand washing only.

    • This means no washing all your dishes at the end of the day, please take them home or use the sink in the storage room.

      • If you use the store room sink, ensure all benches and sink are wiped down afterwards.

    • Empty the dirty water buckets in to the gardens outside when full

  • Please assist the Market Manager in ensuring the tables are kept clean

  • We limit hot/ready to eat food stalls to ensure all stalls do well, in both the quieter and busier times.

    • This means we expect you there every week.

    • We know one off larger fairs can be tempting to go to, but if you come to the Underground Market, we need your commitment to know you will be there each week.



Thank you!


Under Frank Kitts Park, Jervois Quay, Wellington Waterfront
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