Graeme Cunningham

Graeme started creating preserves in 1966 - when Picalilli, French Marmalade and Pickled Onions were made for family consumption. Everything is still handmade in small batches, thus ensuring a full flavoured product. Graeme's earned over 70 Awards from A&P Shows in Australasia plus has been recognised internationally for his talents. "It is always good to be measured by your peers".  Participating in these Shows is ongoing, and devising new flavours remains a pleasure.

"I first made product in 1966 – had no idea back then that I would finish up many years later making it a job, after a career elsewhere. There are jams, marmalades, jellies, chutneys, relishes and pickles in the JAM.it range. Making in Australia for initial enjoyment forced a need to sell the product that had numbers building up – this lead to attending Markets and supplying a supermarket chain. Outdoor markets in Australia with the good weather were so enjoyable."

How did you get started in this business?
After spending most of my life in Australia, I came to dislike most things about my work – so for some unknown reason started making Marmalade one night, loved it and haven’t looked back!

How long have you been a stallholder at the Underground Market?
About 6 years? Was attending markets in Australia, so naturally followed here on my return.

Do you have people help you with the production of the items?
No, not yet, but the need is there.
If you wholesale your products, how has the market helped in that?
There is a small amount of networking in this area. Other forms of networking are substantial.
What is your no fail when you need inspiration?
Refer to my preserves library and Mother’s recipes.

Do you see yourself primarily as a artist or business person, and why?
Both – in business sourcing and creating new recipes you need to be both.

How did you decide on the theme of your stall?
It evolved!
How do you go about sourcing products for your stall?
Wholesalers, and contacts who are happy to help.
Do you view your business as a one day per week retail shop?
Haha - NO! Try to have one day a week off.

What job did you do before you had your business?
Architectural Sales Representative, National Sales Manager - Commercial Safety Flooring – Australia.
What motivates you run your own business?
Artistic outlet and freedom – a day off can be taken just about anytime, but production has to be made up. It is a choice I can make without having to explain or get permission from an employer.

What are the biggest business lessons you have learnt by being a market stallholder?

Net working is important and is available to stallholders through customers and fellow stallholders.

What business achievement are you most proud of?
Business growth and being judged by peers in competition work.

What does success mean to you?
Personal happiness and paying the bills!!

How do you advertise and promote your business?
Word of mouth is so important. Persisting at a Market for a long time has real advantages – I’m talking 12+ months without breaks.

How would you love to see your business in 5 years time?
Global !!

What would you tell yourself of 5 or 10 years ago, that you wish you knew?
Plant an orchard.

What would you suggest to any existing business looking at trying out a market?
Persist – weeks or months don’t see real returns. Your being there when your customer returns needing to rebuy or restock is when advantages start. You can be relied on to be there.

What product do you enjoy making/designing the most and why?
Marmalade – love the smell of citrus and it usually sets without worry!! AND – any new product.
What inspires you, creatively?
New, unusual flavours. Local and international competition success.

What is your top selling product and why do you think this is?
Don’t want to say – however still in the range after first making 50 years ago are Pickled Onions, French Marmalade, and Picalilli.

How do you spend your down time?
Reading recipe books and trialing new products where there are no recipes.



Luke Owen Smith

What is your top selling product and why do you think this is?

Recently it's been the new Short Black bar from Ocho. You just can't beat the combination of high quality chocolate and coffee!

What product do you enjoy making/designing the most and why?

I don't make my own chocolate but I enjoy sourcing the best bean-to-bar chocolate from around New Zealand and the world. As you can see when you visit my stall, I like to find chocolate with packaging that is as mind blowing as the taste. The whole experience of a chocolate bar matters, from start to finish!

Apart from making sales, what do you enjoy most about having a stall at The Underground Market?

I love the community feel of the market. Over the past few months we've made friends with lots of our fellow stallholders and there are so many wonderful people involved. Everybody has useful advice to share and everybody supports each other.

What inspires your work/products/service?

It sounds a bit grand but I'm on a mission to change the entire chocolate culture of New Zealand! The bean-to-bar industry is a delicious revolution and I'm so excited to be involved with it. Our chocolate is not only more ethical than mainstream chocolate, it tastes completely different and comes from companies that have compassion as a core policy.

If you could do anything, how would you spend your days?

Running this business is the most rewarding experience I've ever had and I wouldn't want to do anything else right now.

If I was following another passion it would probably be creative writing, which I was doing quite a lot before I got too busy!

What are your favourite hobbies/pastimes?

Am I allowed to say eating? That's definitely up there! I also love walking in the hills around Wellington, doing my monthly show on RadioActive and have recently rediscovered my enjoyment of photography.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist! Ha ha. Money was never an aim for me, which is lucky.

Find Luke at the Underground Market, or visit The Chocolate Bar website / Facebook page:
www.thechocolatebar.nz  www.facebook.com/thechocolatebarnz



Sam Angliss

My name is Sam Angliss and I run a Wellington based organic tea company specialising in cacao husk teas. I was lucky enough to try this unique brew whilst in Peru last year. After returning to New Zealand, I hoped to continue enjoying the tea, only to discover it was scarcely available. This lead to the creation of Mayan Man.

What is your top selling product and why do you think this is?

We sell two products – Our Original Cacao Husk Tea and Coconut + Cacao Husk Tea. But if I were to choose a top seller between the two it would probably be the Coconut + Cacao. Coconut has made a resurgence in popularity and people seem to enjoy the combination of chocolate and coconut.

Had you always planned on being a (ie-fashion designer, designer, artist, entrepreneur) and why? If not, how did you end up here?

I started this endeavour alongside my career in the Air Force. I never planned on starting my own business and in other circumstances I probably would have just continued my career in aircraft engineering. Owning a business presents many exciting opportunities and at some stage I will have to decide whether to pursue Mayan Man fulltime or continue juggling it with my career in the Air Force.

Apart from making sales, what do you enjoy most about having a stall at The Underground Market?

Handing out samples to market-goers who are sceptical about trying a new tea and then seeing the surprise on their face when they enjoy it.

How do you spend your down time?

I love trying new foods and experiencing all the great places Wellington has to eat. I’ve worked my way through most of the WOAP burgers!




John & Amy's sushi is a particular favourite of the market stallholders! Pick up a selection of authentic sushi and appreciate a sunny day on the waterfront, or enjoy in our cheery indoor eating area.



Janeen (aka the famous candyfloss queen of the Wellington waterfront) serves up big puffy candyfloss alongside savoury treats like hot chips and twist potatoes.

You can't miss her happy little cart outside the market each week!

Under Frank Kitts Park, Jervois Quay, Wellington Waterfront
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